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  With the developing of technologies, IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming more and more popular in the modern world. The beginning of a new technological era has great importance for the industrial sphere, because it could replace outdated Industrial control systems in the closest future. Furthermore, it will increase performance efficiency of equipment and personnel. That is why we integrated this innovative technology in the basis of UNIOS.    

   Since 2018, all control units for Flame-X gates have been equipped with GetWay controllers that provide internet connection. As a result, it allows using our service of monitoring and maintenance of equipment - UNIOS. You will always be aware of condition of your equipment. In a case of a breakdown, you will know the exact reason, how to fix it and how to find the closest service company. There is no need in storing of documentation and warranties - all the information is in the UNIOS database. You will never forget about emission-related scheduled maintenance. Moreover, you will never overpay for extra services. Our platform is the most convenient way of interaction between dealers and their clients. 

UNIOS connection guidance: 


Examples of application of UNIOS platform:

- Monitoring and maintenance of low-power systems on any sites (i.e. video monitoring, Physical Access Control System (PACS), fire alarm);
- monitoring and maintenance of louvers, conditioners and smoke removal systems;
- monitoring and maintenance of entrance groups automation ;
- monitoring and maintenance of water supply and sewerage systems;
- resources consumption record (heating, water, energy);

Devices that can be connected to the UNIOS platform:
- control units;
- controllers; 
- sensors;

   As a result, this service helps to solve all client's problems in the shortest time and provides exclusion of human factor in operation that could cause failures. 

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