Flame-X folding sliding gates

The construction of gates consists of equally sliding door leafs, which then fold in a stack (on the both sides) behind the visible edges of the door opening. The construction allows to cover big dimensions of openings excluding extra loadings on a building, including increased efficiency of space consumption.
Gates are manufactured from Flame-X certified profile systems.
Profiles of leafs and guide rails are manufactured from galvanized 2 mm steel. The construction contains hinges and roller poles produced by Nova Ferr (Italy).
The structure is filled with three-layered leafs (sandwich) with polyisocyanurate foam (40 mm in width). There are different types of filling: mortised glazing, 100% glazing (double-glazing windows made of polycarbonate).
A rubber gasket that covers the entire perimeter ensures full safety from wind loadings and blowing.
Coating: according to the RAL classic system.

Max size: 100000 х 6000мм.
Max width of a leaf: 1200мм.
Types of gates: with/without low rail.
Types of control: manual, automatic: electric drive with control unit.

Heat transfer resistance - 1,27 м2•°C/W
Aerial noise proofing - 20 decibel
Wind loading resistance - 700 PA
Weight of a leaf - 23 kg/m2

Optional equipment
- built-in gate
- panoramic glazing
- partial glazing (watch windows)
- louvers
- ‘framed window’ glazing

Our projects

Nissan motor corporation plant
Russian Railways