Flame-X fire protection curtains

A model called "Standard" allows to cover openings of big dimensions (up to 6000х6000 mm). Guide rails made from galvanized 3 mm steel, provide performing of three-dimensional adjustment of a door leaf. The structure is equipped with powerful inertial shaft that is 102 mm in a diameter and a drive that is called "Becker", which provides steady downward motion and tight fit of a curtain, excluding the possibility of fire penetration through gaps in a structure.

Fire protection curtains are equipped with control units and emergency descent buttons. The control unit of curtains provides a connection to the remote dispatch or the physical access control system.

Furthermore, Flame-X standard control units include the ability to connect to a service of remote monitoring FTXCom. With this service, a facility owner has the ability to remotely track the current condition of equipment in real time; he can quickly obtain information about breakdowns of an equipment and get information about solving the problem.

It is possible to choose one of the following types of curtains:
1. Siliceous curtains manufactured from «SI 600V-60PU-1» material which was processed using vermiculite
2. Glass fiber curtains such as "Fireproof PU 450-30-1" which contain polyurethane.
To increase strength of the structure, each curtain was stitched up by the "K11-C6-170 S BAF" thread (with fluorine plastic)
Ways of installation:
— built in a door opening
— suspended in the door opening
— suspended  to the ceiling 

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