Developing of gates with Building maintenance units for Lahta Center

Since 2017, we have taken part in construction project of multifunctional complex «Lahta Centre». We are especially proud of our innovative development: a system that contains 20 automatic facade sections for the technical floor of the Tower, which is on the height of 370 meters. Facade sections open inside the building and merge into a single system, which «monitors» simultaneously all sections. In addition, it detects weather operational risks, connects with all elements of Building Maintenance Units and dispatches from the single control center. Facade opening ensures a way out for the BMU system. At the same time the controlling system units all of BMU elements and provides better security and working conditions for personnel. The uniqueness of the system lies in the possibility of working in sustained exposure to moisture, high wind load (about 400 kg/m2) and rapid changes of temperature. The timing of implementation is on the June 2017 — May 2018.