Fire resistant folding transformable partitions

Since 2017, designers and engineers of Flame-X have been searching for new engineering solutions for the construction market of fire resistant partitions. According to such a strict requirements to quality and stages of technical tasting of fire protection equipment, there is a very little number of Russian manufactures who can meet the requirements of the European market. In addition, as a part of the development of Flame-X Fp series it is decided to implement systems of folding automatic fire protection partitions for door openings up to 50 meters in width and about 10 meters in height. We are planning to produce a prototype till the end of the 2018 year and launch tests on the territory of Russian Federation and European Union to get the Russian (GOST R 53307-2009) and European (DIN 4102-T5) fire protection certificate of quality. AECOM is the company mostly interested in a further development.